About Us

Running a company is not for the faint of heart.

Company leadership is complex and challenging, every activity impacts goals. Execution is identifying what moves the needle in your business and driving these activities (inputs) to achieve the company’s goals (outputs), i.e. sales or revenue.

To be execute effectively, you need to know everything that is happening in your company at any given time, but being everywhere at once is hard.

Don’t be left in the
execution dark

The world's largest companies spend billions in people, systems and processes to have the capabilities to understand what’s happening in real-time and what activities really impact their execution outputs. We don’t think it’s right that only Fortune 500 companies with armies of analysts and PhDs have such an advantage. Every company should be able to answer the most important company questions directly from the data within their existing systems to improve execution and performance. No business should be left in the dark.

A mission to take every business's execution to new heights

At Moneycast, our mission is to revolutionise the way companies execute and improve. We’re helping companies of all sizes leverage the power of their data, advanced analytics, and state-of-the-art AI to gain the same advantages the world’s largest companies have.

Every business leader understands that companies are complex ecosystems with many interconnected activities. Our goal is to provide leaders the clarity and understanding of the non-obvious ways that their companies work to make driving business execution more successful.

We firmly believe that the key to business success lies in adopting a scientific approach, where real-time feedback, trackable results, and data-driven decisions are vital components in execution. If your company knows what works and learns fast how to keep improving performance, execution reaches new heights. Not many companies have the time, resources or capabilities to gain this level of insight and clarity.

We’re changing that by offering AI synthesised real-time insights, actionable recommendations, workflows and predictive analytics to every company, not from an army of analysts but derived automatically from the systems you already use. We’re knitting together insight and action to improve execution.

Collective intelligence technology to
help your company fire on all cylinders

We’re focused on the power of graph neural networks (and other advanced AI techniques) to bring order to complex systems. Graph neural networks allow the mapping of statistical relationships between activities across your company to answer the question(s) that move the needle for your company goals.

Every company has many execution activities happening in real-time every minute, day, week, month and year. These vast input activities are the factors that affect company performance. The relationships between the activities are rarely obvious or straightforward. Customer support response times can affect engineering productivity, and engineering productivity can affect sales growth. Company performance is always a result of multiple factors (multi-variance), companies might be organised as department silos, but results are always connected by an ecosystem of activities.

As business leaders, your experience gives us intuition about execution. But as humans, our intuition only extends to seeing the world in linear mental models. We focus on sales because we know it drives output; we focus on costs because we know it improves financial performance. But business outcomes aren’t the result of only singular/univariate efforts; companies are always the sum of their activities and efforts. All activities matter because they’re either helping you achieve your company goals or taking resources away from execution.

We use AI combined with your experience and knowledge to give you a true picture of what’s happening in your company in real-time and workflows on where to focus. We’re giving you collective intelligence, meaning you + AI to make the sum of your business activities fire on all cylinders.

Answering the questions
that matter

We’re building a system that synthesises all the activities within your company so you can answer the questions that matter and workflows to action intelligent processes. We address the challenges of understanding the complex relationships between many/multivariate factors, inputs, outputs and conditional probabilities to answer critical questions that dictate business performance. Answers to questions such as "When are my customers most likely to churn?", "How can I reduce my cost to serve most effectively?", "Which team member is the most productive?”, Which specific factors are driving my company's growth?" we help leaders optimise all the important aspects of their business to achieve their company goals.We invite forward-thinking leaders, founders, and department heads to join us on this transformative journey. By embracing collective intelligence, a powerful synergy between your wisdom, experience, and AI, we can work together to unlock your company's full potential. Moneycast will be your trusted partner in unlocking your company’s intelligence in an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving business landscape.