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Powering planning and execution for informed businesses
We integrate with all major work tools and software

Get one source of truth for your company's performance. Moneycast gives you the execution intelligence to know what works in your company, what doesn't and why. And the workflows to take action on your goals.

Our platform can help you:

Get better visibility on what’s happened in the past, what’s happening now and predictions to plan better for the future
Know where to invest company resources most efficiently to achieve company goals 
Understand what works for your company so you can focus your effort
Take action with intelligent workflows

How it works

Connect your data sources in a few clicks to start unearthing real-time insights and analysis you can action.

Aggregation: Add the work tools from across your business in a few clicks and get one source of truth for your company's performance.
Construction: We build a digital twin/model of your business by indexing and organising your business in a graph neural network to give you an unparalleled understanding of the activities and performance of your company.
Synthesise: Deliver real-time insights and accurate predictions to your most pressing business questions and provide recommendations to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s increasing revenues, reducing cost per acquired customer or increasing productivity.
Action: Build workflows to action insights and support processes for better execution. Automate workflows to initiate processes in existing systems or build new unifying workflows.

Build systems, not silos

Connect activities and decisions with each other, and optimise the system as a whole rather than the silos of departments within your company.

Understand effort and resources across your business
Ensure speed of execution and make sure your team are focused on the work that delivers your goals
Deliver results by focusing on what matters most and what creates leverage for your company goals

Get informed without the analytical and engineering overhead

 Automate data complexity and take actions in real-time. 

Get clarity on whether goals will be achieved
Action change and course corrections before it’s too late
Understand the best places to focus your attention

Security and privacy first

Enterprise-grade security led by cyber experts. Moneycast doesn’t store any sensitive data and never bypasses existing privacy permissions.

Join the other businesses improving profits Moneycast

Improving financial processes
Without Moneycast: One finance team's terms for collecting aged debt was 45 days. It was a major focus for the finance collection team to reduce this across all vendors, but they lacked clarity on where to focus their time and resources for the maximum gain. 

With Moneycast: The finance team was able to effectively analyse company processes across multiple data sources, including calls and payments, to rank and prioritise which processes to optimise to improve collection rates.  
Increasing margins
Without Moneycast: The sales team’s data was limited to CRM data, which limited understanding of customer behaviour to what happened in the past. These data sets would often be incorrect or outdated. There were also problems accessing information about which types of prospects were converting the best.

With Moneycast: Using our platform, the sales team could connect cohort data from their company systems and combine it with their CRM to visualise the data to understand which customers had a propensity to pay more, improving segmentation and increasing margins.
Operational efficiency
Without Moneycast: the engineering team was often missing deadlines, resulting in delayed products, which was costly to the business.

With Moneycast: The leadership team used Moneycast to combine data from engineering productivity, meetings and deployments to understand that engineering was spending around 18% of the time on non-engineering activities, duplicating team efforts. These insights allowed the engineering team to remove unnecessary work resulting in an increase in time spent on engineering activities.

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