Real-time insights,
faster decisions, better businesses.

Get insights not just more data.

Moneycast cuts through the noise and provides the right insights at the right time to get your team collaborating and driving your business forward.


Moneycast AI integrates with all major work software to provide accurate insights and predictions to improve business performance

What is Moneycast?

Our platform helps you understand the story behind the numbers and does the heavy lifting for you. Our AI makes intelligent real-time suggestions and improvements that you can can share with your team and implement instantly, so you never miss an opportunity.

Our platform will help you:

Get better visibility on what’s happened in the past, what’s happening now and predictions to plan better for the future

Know where to invest company resources most efficiently to achieve company goals

Understand what works for your company so you can keep winning

Understand and share insights with colleagues and action changes together

How it works


Add the work tools from across your business in a few clicks (no coding required) and get one source of truth for your company's performance


We build a digital twin/model of your business by indexing and organising your business in a graph neural network to give you an unparalleled understanding of the activities and performance of your company


We deliver real-time insights, predictions and importantly, actions, to help you achieve your goals. That could be increasing revenues, increasing productivity, or knowing which deals to prioritise

(coming soon)

Build workflows to action insights and support processes for better execution. Automate workflows to initiate processes in existing systems or build new unifying workflows

Why it matters

Build systems, not silos. Connect activities and decisions with each other, and optimise your entire business ecosystem

Understand effort and resources across your business

Ensure speed of execution and make sure your team are focused on the work that delivers your goals

Deliver results by focusing on what matters most and what creates leverage for your company goals

Get informed without the analytical headache, automate data analysis and action real-time intelligent business suggestions

Get clarity on whether goals will be achieved

Action change and course corrections before it’s too late

Understand where to focus your attention

Effectively plan for the future

Understand your company on a new level and plan more effectively for the future

Get actionable recommendations from AI-powered technology that teaches you how to improve your company

Get market intelligence to see what’s happening in your sector so you can outperform the competition

Understand your business’s past, present and future to plan more effectively for success

Security and Privacy first

Enterprise-grade security led by cyber experts. Moneycast doesn’t store any sensitive data and never bypasses existing privacy permissions.

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