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Improving financial processes
Without Moneycast: One finance team's terms for collecting aged debt was 45 days. It was a major focus for the finance collection team to reduce this across all vendors, but they lacked clarity on where to focus their time and resources for the maximum gain. 

With Moneycast: The finance team was able to effectively analyse company processes across multiple data sources, including calls and payments, to rank and prioritise which processes to optimise to improve collection rates.  
Increasing margins
Without Moneycast: The sales team’s data was limited to CRM data, which limited understanding of customer behaviour to what happened in the past. These data sets would often be incorrect or outdated. There were also problems accessing information about which types of prospects were converting the best.

With Moneycast: Using our platform, the sales team could connect cohort data from their company systems and combine it with their CRM to visualise the data to understand which customers had a propensity to pay more, improving segmentation and increasing margins.
Operational efficiency
Without Moneycast: the engineering team was often missing deadlines, resulting in delayed products, which was costly to the business.

With Moneycast: The leadership team used Moneycast to combine data from engineering productivity, meetings and deployments to understand that engineering was spending around 18% of the time on non-engineering activities, duplicating team efforts. These insights allowed the engineering team to remove unnecessary work resulting in an increase in time spent on engineering activities.